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The Facts: More Fathers are being Fathers than ever Today. {Don’t Give me That About Time} I have to ask this questions after experiencing several parenting situations up close and personal with family’s. Also, Those cases being the driving force that lead me to conduct a serious research. ‘The The Fathers -vs- Mothers’ Today in 2014. Where, Family Courts and Child Custody Sources, such as DFACS in The state of Georgia. Where my research lays heavily.

Now, The “BIG QUESTION” ? Are these channels.So out dated with they’re laws, rulings and investigating procedures on how they determine a child’s custody and the parenting decisions Today ! in this advance state of Young Adult – Mothers & Fathers .

I had the unpleasant opportunity of watching a gentlemen self employed for the most of his life and now in his early 40’s. Get railroad by the courts over what I feel…

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Rihanna Fined $47,050 For Missing Legal Depositions


Rihanna 2

According to TMZ, Rihanna has been fined $47,050 this week after missing out legal depositions.

Rihanna’s ex – accountants have been trying to get the singer to sit down for a deposition in a lawsuit which she filed against them. ThePour It Up hit maker claims that they have mismanaged her money and therefore they owe her millions. However, the accountants are claiming that Rihanna that she is the one at fault.

The accountants of Berdon LLP have stated that the Barbados beauty has been missing several depositions costing the company hefty attorney fees. Consequently, the firm has asked the judge to punish the singer for doing so. As a result, the judge agreed and has agreed this month to fine the singer $47,050 for Berdon’s legal bills.

The judge also ordered Riri to appear for a final meeting on August 28 to get the ordeal resolved.

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Young Mexico Recording Artist On The “National Radar”

Young Mexico: Fighting The Obstacles of the Music Industry, Building his Industry brand with a Ray  Ban Partnership


David Hall aka Young Mexico was born on January 31, 1985 in Nashville, Tennessee. Young Mexico lived with his mother, brother, sister and stepfather, whom he loves like a father. He was a typical teenager but there was always a different glow about him.

By age 9 music had already taken a toll in Young Mexico’s life. In school, around the block and everywhere he went, he showcased his skills winning talent shows, free styling and rap battles against opponents twice his age. At age 14 his parents were struggling in Nashville with Young Mexico getting into too much trouble. They decided to pack up and move to west Tennessee in 1999. Young Mexico had never been in a real studio until he moved. Being in the studio only made his passion for rap stronger.

He then decided to take it much further. Young Mexico collaborated with his brother forming the group “Vicious Youngsters”. They soon dropped their first album called “Murda Monster”. In the streets their first project was a huge success and they quickly made a name for themselves. Young Mexico went on to drop his first solo project called “Respect My Come Up”. This project was followed by 8 more albums full of underground hits, imposing himself as one of the best rappers in West Tennessee. Though with success comes tragedy.

In 2004 Young Mexico lost his father and his aunt in the same year. He was devastated. He took a small break from the music business in order to find himself, changing his name several times from Dro to Rossverrelli then to Young Tennakey. It’s was in 2006 when his life took a turning for the worst with him losing his best friend. He overcame and came back in the studio harder than ever! It wasn’t until he linked up with a guy from Mexico where he started traveling back and forth bringing stuff across the border, that the name Young Mexico came about.

The name Young Mexico helped and inspired him to come up with his most successful album up to that point “1008 Gramms”, produced by DrummSquad. Three videos were shot off the album and spread throughout the nation through YouTube and other social networking sites. Young Mexico was soon rocking shows, selling out local venues and establishing himself as a young phenomenon in his home state. In 2010 Young Mexico had matured from having gone through some of life’s trial thrown at him.

As a result he came up with a new album called “Grown Man Shit” to be released in the second quarter of 2011. He went on to work with artists like Kia Shine and Waka Flocka. While recording his album he went to compete in BET’s blaze the stage contest, being the only one in his town to make it. He made it all the way to the Wild Out Wednesday all-star rounds.

As he was going on stage to perform Young Mexico met one of the judges Mr. James “JB” Brown. He asked, “What could I do to make my performance better?” Mr. Jb Brown gave him a couple of tips and Young Mexico did exactly what was told to him, which resulted in his winning of the showcase. As Mr. Jb Brown was walking back to his vehicle Young Mexico approached him once again thanking him for the tips. Mr. Jb Brown said, “I can make you famous, trust in me and I will trust in you.” The skies were the limit from here.

As Young Mexico and Mr. Jb worked more together their business relationship started to grow. Soon developing into a nephew and uncle relationship built on trust. With that Mr. Jb made a call to one of Atlanta’s great producers better know as Jazze Pha. Jazze Pha was impressed by the young man and decided to make an appearance in Young Mexico’s first BET video and new hot single “Back to doing Me”. When Jazze Pha and Young Mexico met the chemistry went through the roof. Success was well on it was, then tragedy happened. One night after an performance Young Mexico got into an altercation thus landing him in the penitentiary.

Mexico was sentence for 8 months. During his absence Mr. Jb and Jazze Pha kept in touch with Mexico to lift his spirits, letting him know everything would still be released once he got out. The gates were let open and Young Mexico was released January 25, 2013. The plans that Mr. Jb and Jazze Pha had grew into something bigger for Young Mexico. He was to be signed to Jazze Pha’s record label, “ShoNuff Records” and Endorsed by: Ray Ban Eye Wear.

YM Banz

Talent Acquisitions Spc./A&R scout Leonard Willis oversees YOUNG MEXICO’S booking/Touring campaign personally. GNP/STC has crafted a solid promotions push based on Young Mexico’s social media demographics, fan base metrics, budget, and brand Image.

Support includes Nerve DJ’s and DJ Magic Mike, radio mix shows, street teams promotions, and the hottest club DJ’s. Leonard Willis and the media pros at GNP then strategically arranged an effective PUSH campaign highlighting the brand and face of Young Mexico as thee hot new artist moving onto U.S. record labels’ radars.

Watch and listen for Young Mexico’s “New Single BANZ” coming to a stage and radio station near you. Young Mexico is making his mark on the music industry and his light is shining bright.


Young Mexico Commercial Release


Booking Agent “Leonard Willis”